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A Hands-On Animal Encounter For All Ages & Abilities!

Every Sunday at 11am, January – March

Come join Marie and her team at our Animal Antics Educational Workshop, where you will get to meet our pet kune kune pigs Pinky & Dotty and donkeys Kieran & Johnny. We’ll show you all the tips and tricks on how to groom, feed, exercise, observe their individual behavior as well as ensuring that they are always happy and healthy!


  • £6 per person

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In association with the Provenance Festival 2021

Sunday 26th September 1- 3pm

No booking Required

We are delighted to be participating in the Provenance Festival 2021 which runs from 24th September – 3rd October. Provenance Festival is a new flagship food tourism event to showcase the north east of Scotland as a world class food and drink destination, with a focus on discovering food and drink production through visitor experiences at source.

Tour Our Farm

Free Tours available of our brussel sprouts, carrots, onions, leeks, kale, cabbage and swede in our fields with Marie and learn how we use insect nets, mulch for weed control, work with nature and our pet pigs, Pinky and Dotty are our biological waste vegetable management all to give you the healthiest, tastiest and freshest vegetables throughout the year and for your festive meals.

Speak To

Our turkey farmer, Jill from Maryfield Farm at Banchory with over 40 years of experience of raising one day old chicks, to them free range feeding on grass, nettles and docks to being hand plucked and up to fourteen days hanging. All to give you the greatest depth of flavour of her Bronze Turkeys from the Kelly Unit in Essex.


Learn how potato harvesting has advanced from the potato spinner to the harvester with tractors and trailers with Alana Mackie. Whose family supplies their Rooster and Maris Piper potatoes to compliment our Charlotte and Maris Peer potatoes giving you our own and local spuds all year round.

Understand how to add heat to your festive food with Clare from Mearns Chilli Farm on the Garvock hill near Laurencekirk.

Norma can recommend how to compliment our cheeses with her various chutneys and relishes to give you a range of flavours to tantalise your taste buds for any cheeseboard or snack.

Get Ready For Christmas

Orders welcome for your Christmas turkeys, meats, vegetables, puddings, cheeses and your Hogmany roasts, steak pies, drinks etc.

Book Our Festive Fun Day

Book your slot for your family or friends at our Festive Fun Day on 24th, 29th, 30th, 31st December where you can harvest your own Festive vegetables, feed Pinky and Dotty our pet pigs, care for Johnny and Keiran our pet donkeys. Receive a gift from the sledge drawn by our festive pony on the 24th only.


Spooky Halloween Fun for all the Family!

Saturday 16th October until Sunday 31st October

Spooktacular Scavenger Hunt

Wonda the Witch is stuck and unable to fly home with her cat, Welma who is captured in a spell and she can not find her. Without her hat, cauldron, broomstick and spells she is at a loss, can you help her by finding these? Spiders hiding keys, ghosts hiding ingredients for spells, pumpkins to be stomped, green monsters to be chopped and the devil’s fork to dig treasure. Pinky and Dotty our pet pigs are there to help create the spell that Wonda needs to fly her broomstick. Johnny and Keiran our pet donkeys are willing to help too.

  On Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st October as well as our pigs or donkeys our special guests are Reekie the Shetland pony and Biscuit the Welsh pony who will be dressed in a Halloween theme.


  • 16th – 29th October : £6 per person
  • 30th & 31st October : £9 per person

pick your own pumpkin

Available from Friday 1st October as a first come first serve basis. Cut fresh directly from their vine where they were planted.

Pumpkin Prices:

  • Small £2
  • Medium £4
  • Large £6   

You can purchase via our online shop or arrange by popping into our shop, text or calling us on 07708438445. Our friendly team will be delighted to help you in our field between serving customers, we appreciate your patience if you have to wait.

Win A Farming in the Field Education Trip!

To win our one hour Farming in the Field Education for up to 6 people, valued at £36, choose from one or all of the options listed below. We kindly ask you to provide us with your contact details comprising of your name, mobile number and email address. The winner will be notified on the 31st October at 5pm.

Make your own Scarecrow

Enjoy the thrill of putting together a scarecrow of any size that you can bring along and leave to be judged on the 31st October.  

Scary Outfit

Dress up as in the scariest outfit during your Halloween Harvest booking and we will contact you on the 31st October.

Pumpkin Carving    

Take a photo of your pumpkin carving and email to whatsforteatonight@gmail.com before midnight on the 30th October to be judged on the 31st October. 


Christmas Eve Fun for all Ages!

Friday 24th December

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Come and help Marie and her team find Reekie the reindeer so Mr and Mrs Claus can give you a parcel whilst gathering a mini Christmas tree, Reekie’s favourite food, a parcel and a gift all with the help of Pinky and Dotty, Johnny and Keiran in our as part of our Festive Fun Day on the 24th December for all your family and friends to enjoy!

Ticket Costs:

  • £6 per person – SOLD OUT

Limted places available, early booking is advised.

pick your own festive veg

Bring your friends and family along for an alternative day out where you get to pick and buy your own tasty Christmas vegetables from our selection of lovingly grown produce within our one acre field.

How It Works: NOW SOLD OUT

  1. Book your preferred time slot online, bookings are FREE.
  2. On the day check in at our farm shop.
  3. Harvest your vegetables, choose from carrots, brussel stalk or kalette, leeks and parsnips.
  4. When your ready head back to the shop where you can pay for any produce you’ve picked.


Join Us 28th, 29th& 30th December


Can you help Issy find her clothes before she freezes solid and is unable to move?

In our Winter Wonderland, Issy is starting to freeze, and we need to help her find her clothes to help her keep warm.

Find her hat, boots, coat, gloves and scarf along with the help of Pinky and Dotty our pet pigs, Johnny and Keiran our pet donkeys.

Help Issy find her eyes to able to see, her hat to help her think and her nose to sniff out those clues!

Dig to keep warm as well as for Issy to be able to smell. Join in the snowflake float as well as the snowflake stomp is all part of the fun with your friends and family!

Ticket Costs:

  • £6 per person

Limted places available, early booking is advised.

Educational Workshops

with Local experts

Party with the Pigs‘, ‘A Day in the Life of a Hen‘ and ‘A Day with the Dogs‘ are some of our previous workshops that involved families and friends learning animal care and training, planting vegetables, animal crafts and a treasure hunt. We will keep you posted through our  seasonal newsletter, website, Facebook and Instagram pages of future workshops and seasonal fun activities.

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  1. My niece and I attended the educational workshop and it was fantastic. We would both like to highly recommend this as a fun and educational way to spend a morning. We loved meeting the animals and learning about some of the crops. The pea pods were delicious. To top it off we bought some lovely fresh goods from the farm shop and some sweet treats 😉 Definitely try and get your hands on the crunchie slice homebakes – they were so good! Looking forward to coming back again for future workshops.

    1. My family attended the Halloween Harvest today and what a fantastic time we had. It was great fun and very engaging right from the get go. Can’t wait to come back for a visit.

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